How to Get ride of exam stress: Practical knowledge

“Stress” is a genuine tendency of humans. It is a state of mind which results in extreme anxiety and ruins our real potential gradually with time like a slow poison. Stress is something uneven for our mind as it flashes frequent pessimistic thoughts and ideas and prevents us from changing our mind-set. In today’s world, stress is like influenza, it’s all widespread  and it’s now very easy to find a stressful man in every house. Stress of family issues, relationships, career, health, hygiene, and journey goes on further and is becoming common in today’s scenario. Stress is negative and leads to absolute repercussions towards our physical and mental health. exam stress how get ride of exam given practical knowledge.

             Now coming to the point that seems to be the widespread problem of every student especially of today’s. The “Stress of examination”  is something that is almost common to every student now. Stress is what we take, the problem is not big as it seems but the moment we start taking it in our mind the moment our self confidence seems to drown off. The more we think negatively that we would not be able to clear our exams  the more our mind becomes unstable and the output will all be negative. The fear of failure in exams tends to born a kind of demotivation which results in deficient productivity. Being productive in this world is most important, and to be productive we need to be confident and exhibit stress from our self  resulting which would shelter us with wellness. Stress leads to loss of concentration and focus.

 Expectations VS Desire

Expectations are not desire and desires are not the expectations, it’s all relatable. As a student every parent has expectations for his or her child, but actually are only making a child push in a state of stress in one way.

We all know, Life is a competition but to live a competing life in a relaxed way is somehow different to live a life full of stress. We all live in a world where knowledge is scrutinized by our marks. This actually ruins the morality of education.

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Everyone has their own perception on exams if I talk about mine then for me.

EXAM is  Excitement and Masti  with studies. Studying must all be fun. Learning like a game enhances our productivity and makes our studies more efficient. Exam is just an event for us, an event which portrays our strengths and weaknesses. We must take it lightly, keep calm and just work on it.

Always try to believe in yourself

Remember stress doesn’t come all the way by nature, but it’s only about the potential. If we believe that we can then the stress would not be able to touch us. Always try to believe in yourself and take everything in a relaxed manner.


Let us first assume some psychological aspects which are very important to overcome stress.

To be stress less we must need to be deaf. Yeah! Exactly, it’s right to be heard! Sometimes the scolds, murmurs, pokes and taunts of your parents and relative make you feel demotivated and make your mind the stressed ones, but you need to think once that you need to  just stop hearing and giving priority to the words said to you by others as in this world neither one knows what you actually are! Stop pleasing others, develop and work on!

Say goodbye to stress

Parental pressures are now very common for every student. Yaah! It’s actually necessary because every parent wants his/her child to be in apex all the time. Let’s leave those expectations on their way, and we must not be so overwhelmed about that. Don’t try to overpower and oppose your parents openly, rather try to talk freely about your desires, interests and potentials. exam stress good bye.


Power Visualization

Exploring new ways to learn and understand concepts would turn up studies into fun. We must apply “THE POWER OF VISUALIZATION ” in our study patterns for storing data for long terms. Humans have one tendency, that it’s visually more active and strong rather than any other senses. So learning through visuals and mind maps would help you to enhance your imagery, memorize anything for the long term and score good in our exams. Always try to relate concepts and facts to the real-present materialistic world to understand concepts thoroughly and deeply. For example:- Let us assume, SIR’S ISAAC NEWTON THIRD LAW OF MOTION that every action has an equal and opposite Reaction. A creative mind will always  be trying  to find ways to learn more effectively in less time. So if you are trying to learn concepts by visualizing and executes it practically rather memorising through pages of the book then surely you would not be fearing about exams and be stressful and tensed about the output, because you would be knowing all what you really are. Memorising things and forgetting it after the exams is all vain one way So power of visualization is very important to adapt.

Hard work required

exam stress: Always try to have a daily  relationship with your books, the learning process must always be a consistent process. It’s the same as just the practice of an athlete and hard work by which it attains to develop drastically. The more we rub ourselves the more we will have luster.

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If we now talk about some Physical aspects then we must acquire some breathing exercises to keep our mind stable, calm and peaceful as a peaceful and concentrated mind is always more productive than  that of a pressured mind.

Following the agenda of A3 is also a good measure. Here AAA stands for AVOID, ALTER and ADAPT. Avoiding a negative environment, altering your working hours with some fun, as we all know that a playful mind always is more active to learn than that of stressed ones. Adapting people who want you to be at apex and kicking them off who really want you to be down. Add breathing exercises to your daily cycle twice a day. Have some time for yourself. Try to make studies innovative and visionary and make studies the interesting ones, relax yourself and never keep your course for a last minute as would.

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