Learn how to improve memory and get the right memory  

what is in study article According to Indian Culture Philosophy and Books. Increase your memory like this according to the Indian method. Indian Philosophy, veda Books Gurukul Education given full knowledge about study.

what is in study article

Powerfull tips to improve memory. Best way to improve memory from an Indian Philosophical and Vedic point of view. Learn the right way to study with memory boosting tips.

Know the right way to study according to Indian philosophy. Indian culture and ancient books give us knowledge about how to improve memory. We discussed how to increase our memory. Some knowledgeable tips give point wise in this article. 

new study tips brought from the ancient Indian study system. Let’s start to improve our study. it’s article will read to you how to improve your memory or use your memory. 

How to improve your memory with Attention 

Friends’ attention is very important in your life, because it sharpens your memory. Take the help of meditation and yoga to sharpen your memory.

Hello Friends, You know that Indian Great Philosopher and Great Personality Swami Vivekananda used to read the whole book in one go and memorize it. It is very interesting to know how this happened. Swami Vivekananda’s meditation was very sharp. To remember, it is necessary to calm the mind and practice yoga. 

Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati, There is another such personality who memorized the entire English dictionary in just one go with the power of his memory.

How to get right memory

What are the ways to increase memory? world Everyone’s memory is good but we are not able to use the memory properly, the reason is that we do not pay attention to anything, the only reason is our thinking and thinking.

There is not much difference between the structure of the brain of those who have a very good memory and the structure of the brain of those who do not have a good memory. Scientists have proved this fact. This means that every person can use his memory in a good way, for this he has to be trained. To sharpen the memory, it is necessary to do meditation and yoga. 

Tips to improve study memory according to ancient Indian study material

Memory increases by pronouncing the word Om. Now you have to sit straight and pronounce the word Om, by doing this the attention increases and the memory power increases.

Sanskrit is such a language that reading sharpens the memory. Sanskrit language is the language of India and it is called the oldest language, it has the principle of pronunciation of vowels and consonants. If you recite some shlokas by heart, then your memory becomes sharp.

Good memory: how Vedas were remembered for thousands of years?

Vedas were memorized for thousands of years. Indians were well aware of good memories. Good memory and meditation is the right way to study. How to improve your memory?

Swara Siddhanta was used for memorizing the mantras of the Vedas.  Or there was a method in which words are to be memorized by hand movements.  It is concluded that if you adopt the right way of hand movement (हस्त संचालन) while studying, then you can easily remember something easily with music and hand movement.

The method of motivating the brain to read has started in India, here for this motivation, importance was given to study sitting methodically, so memory grows very fast. Reading in the morning increases memory.

Ways to increase memory have been described in Ayurveda medicine. The name of this book is Charak Samhita. It has many information about Brahmi medicine to improve memory.

if you want to know about the learning process and study, the Sanskrit language online courses are available in the India. the sampurnanand University located at Varanasi. vishwavidyalay campus also started Sanskrit spoken course. the website is link for update information.

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